Paint Lacquer Run Removal Masking Tool Template Smart Mask Runs Repair Stencil

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This great new product which has recently come into the UK, is fantastic at helping to remove imperfections in paintwork, including runs, floaters and dust particles.
Ideal for-
All types of paint and lacquer runs
Floaters and imperfections
Minimising the problem area when sanding paint filled scratches or chips.
Minimal thickness of 0.05mm permits you to sand flush to surface without rubbing through or worsening the problem area
Chemical etching of stainless steel shapes means no burring of edges giving you a perfectly flat finish
Choice of specifically designed stencil shapes to allow you to tackle a variety of different problems with the same tool

These are flexible so will be able to curve with the panel, offering you the option to rectify easily, problems that otherwise may have needed re-doing. Hard wearing and durable and increasingly handy!
I have tried to show in the pictures the type of rectification work they can be use for, and the type of tools that can but used with it. Please be advised, we do also sell the tools as sown in the pictures.

Any questions - please ask.
This is for 1 sheet.


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**Important Notice Regarding Solvent Based Material**

Due to the change in legislation regarding the sale and use of material with a high VOC content, all non compliant material must not be used for the refinishing of passenger vehicles unless it has been classified as classic or vintage.By clicking to buy this material you agree to our disclaimer, and agree that this material will be used for the correct purposes in accordance with the guidelines as set out by DEFRA. Please check the DEFRA website for further information and updates.

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